NOCA stands for Nanaimo Old City Association. NOCA has been around for several decades. No one seems to know just when it started. The stuff of legend now, it grew strong then faded into obscurity. Then in 2009 several of your neighbours dug up some old records and organized a meeting. Since that time we’ve been an active neighbourhood association. Neighbourhood associations are independent voluntary organizations in the city that advocate for the shared interests and goals of residents.

The objectives of the Nanaimo Old City Association are:
•to act as a liaison between the old city neighbourhood and the City of Nanaimo
•to provide leadership in old city community development
•to act as an information clearing house for neighbourhood residents

All residents in the old city part of Nanaimo are eligible to join. NOCA includes the area bounded by Comox Road, Bowen Road, Howard Avenue, Elizabeth Street, Pine Street, Albert Street and Wallace Street. The area extends to the centre lines of the border streets except for Elizabeth Street, where the area extends to both sides of the street.

The Nanaimo Old City Association is governed by our Constitution and Bylaws, which you can read below.

NOCA Bylaws (2010)
NOCA Constitution (2017)

If you’d like to learn more about NOCA, or would like to contact us, please email us at info@oldcityassociation.ca  We’d love to hear from you!

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