Be a Climate Hero in Our Neighbourhood: Join the Thermal Imaging Project for Greener Home Heating!

NOCA successfully applied for a grant from the City of Nanaimo and are now forming a Neighbourhood Climate Action Team. Our focus is on motivating our neighbours to make informed choices about their home heating systems, particularly encouraging the shift to low or zero carbon options. What makes our project stand out is the use of a thermal imaging camera to highlight the energy efficiency of our homes. By working together, we can create a wave of change that not only benefits our local environment but also sets an inspiring example for other communities.

What are the Project Highlights?

1. Use a thermal imaging camera to identify heat loss and inefficiencies in homes.
2. Provide homeowners with an understanding of the impact of their current heating systems and potential energy savings with eco-friendly alternatives, as well as, retrofit rebates, grants and financing possibilities.
3.Organize fun, informative, friendly neighbourhood gatherings to share insights, answer questions, and create a supportive environment for sustainable choices.
4. Document the collective carbon footprint reduction achieved by participants.

Why Join?

1. Learn about thermal imaging technology and its application in promoting energy efficiency.
2. Be a catalyst for positive change in our neighbourhood’s carbon footprint and help our City to reach our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions targets for 2030.
3. Strengthen our community bonds as we work toward a greener future and inspire others to follow suit.
4. Contribute to our documentation of how sustainable our community is becoming.

If you’re interested in being a climate hero in our neighbourhood, please let us know of your availability and thoughts. We hope to have our first neighbourhood gathering in mid-February. Together, let’s make our community a shining example of sustainable living. I am looking forward to the possibility of working with you on this important project.

Shelley Serebrin and the NOCA Board  (NOCA Climate Action Team)