New Animal Responsibility Bylaw

Did you know Nanaimo has a new Animal Responsibility Bylaw?  Be a good neighbour and familiarize yourself with the Bylaw by reading this Fast Facts Brochure.

NOCA is taking an educational role and spreading the word.  Talk with your neighbours and let’s continue to make the old city the best place to live in Nanaimo!

Board elected for 2021-2022

A new Board of Directors was elected at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Monday, October 18 at 7 pm via Zoom.  Congratulations to the following folks who volunteered to sit on the Board and guide the activities of NOCA in the coming year:

Joy Adams Bauer
Diane Caldwell-Demon
Erin Chaba
Anna Mosolov
Mayta Ryn
Shelley Serebrin
Barbara Schreiber

Have you renewed your membership yet?  It’s only $10.  Please support your neighbourhood association.

Membership Application


Fall Cleanup!

On Saturday, October 2, we are inviting all old city residents to participate in a fall cleanup of their immediate neighbourhood. Let’s continue to take pride in the wonderful old city and walk our block and alleyway picking up litter.   Feel free to do more than just your block!  Interact with your neighbours from a safe distance and get some fresh air and exercise!

Development Permit approved for 388 Machleary Street

A Development Permit for 388 Machleary Street, to allow for a seniors’ congregate housing development, was approved by Nanaimo City Council on August 30, 2021.  The site is zoned for this type of development.

Old City Neighbourhood Safety Audit

In the spring of 2021, old city residents had an opportunity to complete a safety audit survey of the old city neighbourhood.  Many residents completed the survey and 10 residents participated in a safety walk with Christy Wood, the RCMP community policing coordinator.

A Safety Audit was completed.  It includes recommendations for our neighbourhood. The Nanaimo Neighbourhood Safety Audit is a hands-on crime prevention initiative undertaken by the Nanaimo Community Policing program in collaboration with the RCMP, Neighbourhood Associations, Vancouver Island University and many other people and organizations in Nanaimo. NOCA thanks the project team for selecting the old city as one of six areas in the city selected by the project team. We look forward to working with community policing as we discuss the recommendations.

Adding trees to the old city

Did you know the City of Nanaimo intends to increase the street tree canopy in the downtown and the Old City over the next 5 years?   We all know how important trees are for the environment and for the overall esthetic of a neighbourhood. 

If you live in the old city and would like to have a tree planted, all you have to do is contact Patrick McIntosh, the Urban Forestry Coordinator at the City of Nanaimo.

250 755 4460 (local 4357)

If you are willing to enter a watering agreement, the city is willing to buy and plant a tree for you. What a great partnership! 


Successful Neighbourhood Cleanup Day!

It was a warm and sunny day, perfect weather for our first neighbourhood cleanup day.  In addition to asking old city residents to spend some time sprucing up their yards and collecting litter, a NOCA member offered the use of a 4’x 8′ trailer for anyone who needed larger items or garden waste too big for their green bin, to be picked up.  A team of volunteers made a total of 6 stops, including one a drop-off of 5 buckets of bricks!  Nine households took advantage of the offer. 155 kg of garbage and metal recycling was dropped off at the Nanaimo Regional Landfill.  Stay tuned for our fall event and continue to take pride in your neighbourhood!

Spring Cleanup 2021


April 17 – Neighbourhood Cleanup Day!

It has been said, “You can be a good neighbour only if you have good neighbours.” (Howard E. Koch) It may be that the opposite is also true; to have good neighbours, you must be a good neighbour and so, with that intent in mind, we are offering you a bonus option with your participation in our Neighbourhood Cleanup Party on April 17.

Our neighbours at the Regional District of Nanaimo allow us, as a community clean-up event, to drop one load of yard waste and garbage at the landfill for no charge. Another of our neighbours has donated the use of her time and her trailer to transport waste you may not have room for in your regular bin!

Please note — We will be picking up, by appointment only, between 3:30 and 4:00 pm on Saturday, April 17.  All items need to be bagged, boxed or bundled and on the boulevard next to the street. Also, one person should be waiting, with the items needing pick-up, to help us categorize and load them. (If you cannot be there, perhaps you have a good neighbour who would be there in your place.)

To book your Saturday pick-up appointment: 

  • Send an email requesting a pick-up to before 5 pm on Friday, April 16.
  • Make sure you include your street address and the name of phone number of the person who will be on the boulevard ready to load.

Brought to you by the Nanaimo Old City Association!


Neighbourhood Safety Audit

Dear Nanaimo Old City Neighbourhood residents and businesses,

The Nanaimo RCMP Community Policing Program invites you to complete a survey that will help gauge levels of safety in our neighbourhood.  This survey is a first step in the Neighbourhood Safety Audits Initiative.  

Dates have not yet been set for the Safety Audits.  However, completed surveys will help to identify areas in our neighbourhood the audit should focus on.  Dates will be set in the upcoming weeks.

The survey for the Old City Neighbourhood can be accessed directly by entering this link into your web browser or clicking here:

The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes of your time and all responses to the survey will remain confident and anonymous. The Nanaimo RCMP Community Policing Program thanks you for taking the time to participate in this survey as it will further improve their ability to work with various neighborhoods in Nanaimo.

*if you would like a paper copy of this survey please call 250-755-3163

For more information on the Neighbourhood Safety Audits or to register for our Neighbourhood’s Safety Audit please go to: or call the Community Policing Coordinator at 250-755-3163 or via email at or