Let’s Celebrate!

Saturday, May 28 from 1 to 4 pm at Pawson Gyro Park. Join us to celebrate our first Beautify the Boulevards and Alleyways! Everyone is welcome to come and share their experience of how their beautification went, what they learned and how to improve for next year. Participants are welcome to share their gardening methods, plants that are important to them and methods of gardening significant to their culture.  Contact us to book your spot to speak at the wrap up or simply show up on the day. Neighbours are encouraged to bring seeds/plants significant to you to give away trade or sell. We will be handing out free seed packets for boulevard beautification. We would love to hear your ideas, and welcome volunteers and resources. Contact the committee  : info@nanaimooldcityassociation.ca
Thank you to the group of neighbours who started this project and the Nanaimo Foundation and neighbourhood small grants for the grant.